Hi, my name is Federico! I have 5+ years of experience with UX research and design, growth and product strategy. First, as founder of a fintech startup that scaled in Europe, and since 2021 with Design Accelerator. That’s a long shot from my degree in law!

Well, what all my experiences have in common is an uncommon interest for human psychology. For why we do what we do.

Here I’m sharing with you why I started Design Accelerator.

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Released an app that has been top 3 in the Play Store
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Experience with startups and very large companies
Successfully expanded in Europe
How user interviews help you improve your customer journey
The problem

Most designers don't get your business!

As startup founder I’ve been working with many designers and agencies. One of the main struggles is that most designers don’t get your business. Many people say they do UX but they only do graphic or interface design.

The problem is that also many entrepreneurs don’t get UX! The result is that many companies think they’re investing in UX, but effectively they don’t. They only notice after they’ve built crazy expensive products that no one uses and no one engages with.

Why Design Accelerator

Connect tech to business growth with UX

The approach of Design Accelerator is to bridge tech and product to business and growth. That’s why I started Design Accelerator. I want to leverage my experience with UX and with startups to help others create user experiences that solve real needs. 

We excel at creating user-centric products with high engagement and high conversion. By testing fast and iterating often we reduce your development costs and drive a viral growth for your company!

What you can expect from working together

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