Onboarding of new app users - Activation +366%

Initial situation & issue

The activation of new clients for this fintech app was very low (15%). This resulted into higher acquisition costs.

The problem is that many users found the app useful but were turned off by the fact they had to connect their bank account to it.

The goal of this project was to increase the activation of new app users from the baseline of 15%.


After mapping the users flow two solutions have been identified:

Provide a tutorial so that new users could familiarize with the app before committing to share their banking data.

– Add the possibility to use a “mock account” with dummy data. This way users can check the value of the app before sharing their data.

Avoid app churn

Business KPIs

+366% activation

The activation of new users jumped from 15% to 55%.

Key data

  • Fintech
  • App


  • A/B testing
  • Information architecture
  • Mockups
  • Visual design

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