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Why start our growth program?

Your 3 good reasons to start the conversion optimization growth program.
With the program you will:

conversion rate optimization - design accelerator

Make your company ready to scale and fundraise.

cro program - design accelerator

Optimize your conversion rate and increase the efficiency of your marketing budget.

conversion rate optimization program - design accelerator

Understand what makes your users buy or not buy from you.

You're perfect for this program if you're the founder, CEO or head of growth of a...


SaaS company

funnel (5)

Lead generation



Mobile app

Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the business activities with the highest return

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Data from 2020 show you can expect an average return of 9x from CRO activities

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Best activity

According to marketers CRO is the #1 activity to increase the ROI of your marketing budget

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Leads increase

CRO and marketing automation increase the # of qualified leads by 451% according to 99firms.

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UX impacts CRO

76% of marketers agree that improving the digital experience impacts conversions

What you'll get


Understand who your users are and why they buy (or don't buy) from you

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Understand how to fix the issues of your customer journey to increase conversion

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An actionable plan with 3 things to do to sensibly increase sales


UX/UI & tech audit of your product for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Insight in your analytics to learn what you should track for better conversion

Want a more detailed breakdown of the growth program?

Some useful data

€ 1.500

Total program cost

3 weeks

Program duration

3 action points

Your tangible result to increase conversion

Ready to make it happen? Here's your growth program:

What's included:

  • 3 Dedicated workshops to optimize your conversion
  • 2 Consultancy sessions
  • UX and Tech scan
  • Actionable Conversion Rate Optimization plan
  • Free UX material and template for you to use

Perfect for

Startup & scaleup founders, CEOs and heads of product or marketing looking to make their company ready to scale.

How we'll start:

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Funnel assessment

We'll check your funnel to see what your specific needs are. Then we'll tailor the program to match your goals.


UX/UI & technical check

We'll look at the UX/UI of your funnel and at the technical indicators that impact your conversion. You'll receive a scan of what works and what doesn't.

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Customized program & dedicated consultancy

Based on the initial assessment we'll create together a program to optimize conversion. During the 3 sessions we'll show you how to best implement it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Design Accelerator?

Design Accelerator is the UX studio that works like an accelerator. We boost your growth thanks to the service level of an agency and the mindset of an accelerator program.

Who's giving the growth program?

The course is given by experienced CRO, UX and marketing professionals. You'll have one consultant to help you with strategy and another one to help you with channel-specific tactics & analytics.

How much time will it take from my side?

The program is meant to support your growth, not to slow it down. You and your team will write the strategy documents and implement the actionable plan after the program. This may take 4-12 h/week for around 1-2 months, depending on how fast you want to go.

Is there a specific start date?

No. The program is only for you, so you decide when to start.

How flexible is the program?

The program has 3 workshops that you can plan during 2 months. Within this time you decide when you want to plan the activities.

Is the program only for my company?

Yes. You receive dedicated consultancy designed to meet your needs and goals.

Do I need Conversion Rate Optimization?

If you want to grow without making your marketing budget explode, chances are you need to improve your conversion. Check out here the benefits of CRO.

What if I need extra help after I'm done?

We're here to help. Design Accelerator offers also consultancy services. You'll be able to start optimizing conversion autonomously, but if you want, we can provide you with our services.

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