The 7 best Startup Accelerators in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is home to some of the best startup accelerators in Europe. In this article, we’ll list 7 of the best accelerators in the Netherlands to help you find one that meets your needs.

best startup accelerators in the Netherlands



Startupbootcamp is one of the most known startup programs in the Netherlands. Its offer is focused on direct access to an international network of mentors, industry veterans and investors to help startups scale.

Program length: 3 months

Focus: fintech, cybersecurity, sustainability



Rockstart is the first international startup accelerator in the Netherlands. They have different locations around Europe. The focus of Rockstart is on mobile apps and programming, but they also offer courses in other subjects like data analytics and business development.

Program length: 4 months

Focus: impact business



Collider is tailored to startups focusing on media, marketing, and commerce tech. The program is especially designed for late-stage startups and it helps them accelerate the product/market fit and get ready for VC investment. The program exists now for around 7 years.

They offer an investment of up to 100K€, what they call a “Crack Team” – 4 senior people to help you accelerate the growth of your company who receives a small equity share – and connections.

Program length: around 1 year.

Focus: media, marketing, and commerce tech.


TechStars Amsterdam

TechStars Amsterdam is run by the Dutch bank ABN AMRO. The program offers fintech founders an opportunity to get feedback on their business idea for twelve weeks, and to receive mentorship from a team of accomplished entrepreneurs and executives.

Program length: 3 months

Focus: fintech



HightechXL is a venture-building accelerator focused on creating companies around cutting-edge technology. Based in Eindhoven. The program is 9 months long and it offers a network of coaches and investors when the company is ready.

Program length: 9 months

Focus: deep-tech



YES!Delft is one of the oldest startup incubator in the Netherlands. It was born in 2005. YES!Delft is more of an incubator than an accelerator. One of its best points for founders is that joining the program doesn’t require you to give up any shares, since YES!Delft is a non-profit organization.

Program length: 3 months

Focus: AI, robotics, blockchain, med-tech


Startup Amsterdam

Startup Amsterdam is a free startup accelerator program for the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. The program has participants from all over the world and offers a six week training course to get you started in Amsterdam’s world-class startup scene.


Design Accelerator

Design Accelerator is a studio that helps scaling startups to achieve massive growth.

We focus on improving your product engagement and conversion with data-driven UX. We’re not properly a venture-builder, but we support and de-risk your startup growth just like an accelerator.

Curious to know more on how we can support your startup growth? Get in touch with us.

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