There's many tools for usability testing but finding the right one is not easy. Let's have a look at what are the best software for usability research.

The 5 Best Software For Usability Research


Usability testing is a research method used to learn how easy and intuitive your flow is. Do people get what they’re supposed to do or do they get lost? Usability testing is your way to build the right product.

Usability research will help you:

  • Identify design problems
  • Discover new feature opportunities
  • Learn about your users’ preferences

In a usability test you give participants a task and you test how easy it is for them to perform it.
Digital tools can help you reach your users where they are. However choosing the right tool is not easy. There’s a lot available, but not every tool is suitable for every business need.
Let’s have a look at the best tools available.




One of the best tools for usability research is CrazyEgg. You can use CrazyEgg to collect user feedback in no time. It offers a lot of features for quick research and its UI makes it easy and intuitive.
For this reason CrazyEgg is very popular among e-commerce, lead gen businesses as well as UX specialists.
The tool’s features include chat live with testers as they complete tests, highlighting video clips, and more.
CrazyEgg doesn’t have a free version but it offers a free trial.


Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop offers a large suite of UX tools. It offers solutions for usability testing and, more in general, for all sorts of qualitative and quantitative research.
For this reason Optimal Workshop looks like a great tool especially for large teams.
Optimal Workshop is used by companies such as Netflix, The New York Times, and the BBC. The minimum package which is suitable for smaller projects starts at $99/mo.



Another great tool for usability research is Contentsquare. Contentsquare offers multiple tools to analyze your customer journey.
Similarly to CrazyEgg, Contentsquare has a wide variety of features and is suitable for all sorts of teams. It has solutions for UX specialists, but also for marketing and data people. It’s a great tool for many e-commerce and b2c businesses.



If you need something slightly more elaborate, you may want to try Feng-GUI. Feng-GUI provides another usability testing tool. It doesn’t offer the testing with live users, but rather simulates eye tracking studies. The tool will automatically generate an eye-tracking heatmap. It’s a good tool when combined with questions to the user that help you understand better the context of their choices.


The Best Software For Usability Research


UsabilityHub is in general one of my favorite tools for UX research.
It won’t allow you to do 1-1 analysis with live participants, because participants stay anonymous. But you can set up your flow and ask your questions.
What I like about UsabilityHub is that it gives you the option to have your own participants or to recruit them via the platform. For this reason, you can perform a test in a few minutes. Great choice for teams that want to have a quick answer to their questions.
Since recently, you can connect your Figma prototype to UsabilityHub, so participants can test it.
UsabilityHub is free if you want to test with your own users. If you want to recruit participants via the platform, it applies a system based on credits.


Video calls

I’m a big fan of simple solutions. Why don’t you just set up a video call with people you want to interview and then ask them to share their screen while they go through the screens?
Video calls are cheap, fast and allow you to ask any question you have. It’s important though that participants can go through the screens themselves.
Usability research is just one of the research methods you can use to improve your digital product.

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