Look for UX design agency in Utrecht? Meet Design Accelerator, the UX design agency for startups and scaleups that matches UX and Growth for...

UX design agency in Utrecht: meet Design Accelerator


Looking for a UX design agency in Utrecht? Meet Design Accelerator. What’s the story behind it? After 6 years in tech as startup founder, I’ve noticed a problem with how user experience (UX) is seen. Most founders see UX as just graphics, colors, and fonts. Seen this way it’s easy to think UX is just a “nice to have”. Instead, UX is one of the activities with the highest ROI and an essential tool for growth.

Data shows that good UX can increase your conversion by up to 400%.

That’s why I’ve started Design Accelerator: to help companies succeed by creating products loved by users and that make business sense. In doing this, my team and I use UX to bridge the gap between business and tech.

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Design Accelerator: UX and growth

Design Accelerator is a Growth & UX design agency in Utrecht. This means we apply UX as a tool for growth, to create higher engagement, conversion, activation or referral.

I’ve launched Design Accelerator in 2021 and I have an experience as startup founder. My background is: product, UX, and growth and I’m building a team of like-minded specialists. We share the same passion for design and understands the challenges that come with growing a company.

We believe that design should be at the heart of every business, and we’re here to help you create an amazing user experience that will set your company apart from the competition.


For companies that want product to lead their growth

If you have a digital product like an app or a platform you may have heard of Product-led growth. Product-led growth is a business strategy that places a company’s product at the center of its growth strategy. Product-led growth companies focus on delivering an amazing product experience that delights customers and drives organic growth.

The best product-led companies obsess over the customer. From the first time a customer hears about the company, to signing up, to becoming a paying customer, to referring friends and family, each interaction with the product should be incredible. To do this, product-led growth needs to have a framework to continuously learn and improve.

The advantage of this approach is to deliver scalable growth because it’s mostly organic growth. It allows the product to drive growth through virality and word-of-mouth. If your company wants to grow primarily with product, we’re the right partner for you.


How we help companies grow with better UX

What I’ve learned as startup founder is that when you deal with an agency or freelancer you want someone who can offload you with tasks. That’s why at Design Accelerator we’re able to work independently as much in a team, supporting your activity or taking on big goals. We offer UX research, design, product and growth consultancy. Be it a single workshop, a product UX revision or a prototype creation, we’re happy to help.

For each assignment what you can also expect is strategic advise on the why behind each product choice.

We work in sprints and we have in our DNA Agile, Lean and Design Thinking. The approach of our design agency is to rapidly test and iterate on new ideas.

Want to see how the first couple of weeks would look like if we work together? Click on this link to access our Trello board.


In person or remote? Both!

Design Accelerator is a design agency based in Utrecht (NL), but we have clients from anywhere. As a company born during the pandemic, we’ve decided to fully leverage the potential of remote work.


So there you have it. By now you should also see UX as a tool for growth. If you need help with a UX project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can do it via the form you find here.

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Design Accelerator is a UX design agency in Utrecht, the Netherlands. You find the relevant contacts here.

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