How good UI UX design drives the success of your product


Many people confuse UI & UX design with logo design or palette selection. It’s a mistake that prevents their company from building successful products.

Design is more than just colours and fonts. As a matter of fact, in the world of digital products, design is marketing. UI & UX design are the junction between product and business. By ensuring the usability, engagement and monetization of products, good design is the difference between a success and a failure.

UI UX design drive the success of your product


So good UI & UX design are the most crucial factor in ensuring the success of your digital product.

This is especially true for companies that have a digital product like an app, a platform or a marketplace. Once you drive traffic to your product, all the action happens within that product. What influences your key metrics is – by far and large – good design. So design is marketing.

Take the example of an app. You will probably use paid ads to drive people to the app store. There, if your app page is convincing enough people will download your app to give it a shot. From that moment on everything that happens is determined by design.

Do users find the relevant content? Do they perform the actions you want them to perform? All these things depend on a good or bad design. If you are familiar with the pirate metrics framework, design is what has the biggest impact on your Activation, Retention and Revenue and it largely influences Referral as well.


UI & UX design drives activation

What is the first thing your users see when they open your app or land on your platform? Is the information architecture clear enough? Are they able to answer quickly to whatever question they have in mind? Creating confidence and making sure all the information is well presented ensures users will start using your product.


UI & UX design creates engagement

Products that are difficult to use are hardly successful. Creating a beautiful experience within your environment, by making sure that users complete the action they have in mind without friction, will make your users stick


UI & UX design drives conversion

Good design is what makes sure your users find the call to action button. The “shop now” button. However, only driving users to “shop now” is not sufficient if first you haven’t provided the right experience. If you haven’t conveyed how valuable your product is. That’s why design is an all-around experience that – in the end – is more than “should the button be red or yellow?” (it’s orange, in case you’re wondering).

So design is marketing. And good design, like good marketing makes or breaks the success of your product and, ultimately, of your company.


Do you want to know more?

“Design is marketing” is the manifesto of Design Accelerator, a UX//UI design studio born with the purpose of combining the design and marketing perspective to create products that users love.

If you like our philosophy, are curious about it, or if you’re wondering how this can be applied to transform your product, feel free to get in contact. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


“The best marketing isn’t advertising, it’s a well-designed and remarkable product.”

Seth Godin


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