Outsourcing vs hiring. When is it better to go for an agency?


When is it better to hire and when does it make more sense to go for an agency? As an entrepreneur you often face the choice between these two options. The choice has to deal partially with company culture, partially with how to maximize the efficiency of resources. The choice may be hard, since different considerations play a role. When does it make sense to hire and when is it better to go for an agency?

when is it better to hire an agency


First of all: when is it better to hire?

As an entrepreneur or founder the right time to hire someone is when a task is a priority and the activities around it are clearly identifiable. Hiring someone without really knowing what that person will do? Don’t do it. The task is clear and you really need someone to get it done, but it’s uncertain if it will be needed in the future? Then read further to check when it makes sense for you to go for an agency.


When is it better to go for an agency

Here are the cases in which it’s better to go for an agency.


It’s an important task that only requires few hours

The task is important enough to prioritize it, but it’s not so big to require a full time position (yet). An internal person could do it, but make sure that the person who receives the task is still able to focus enough on the other tasks. On the other hand, if you need a specialist or your team is already fully loaded, it is a better idea to hire an agency.


The project is limited in time or scope

Take the development of a mobile app. You probably want to launch your MVP and then test with it. You have a team of developers, but you miss a designer to create the mockup. Once the product is launched, you don’t know exactly how long testing will take and it’s uncertain how the product will evolve. In this case it’s better to go for flexibility and hire an external agency to do the work, unless you have spare capacity.


You need a specialist and no one in your team is

You obviously have a team of specialists, but no one that can cover that specific task you need now. For example, you have full-stack developers, but what you need is just someone very good in iOS or Android. Or you have a great marketer who can use Photoshop or Illustrator, but you need someone who understands UI. Well also in this case, an agency is a solution to have specific skills without having to hire a full-time person.


You want to contaminate existing ideas with new ones

Also companies with established teams of specialists often decide to bring onboard eternal competencies. The advantage for them is to add to their team a new and untainted perspective on things. It’s a great solution, typically feasible for more mature companies.


You need to grow fast and you don’t have time to hire

That’s a great position to be in, which isn’t without risks. In this case the “plug & play” capacity of an agency enables you to start delivering fast without having to undergo a long selection process and – even more important – the onboarding phase. It’s full capacity that ensures there are no hiccups in your delivery.


You want to leverage existing know-how

Chances are that an agency will have experience in an area where you or your team are currently lacking it. Working with an external person can then be a great way to bring that knowledge on board and make it available for the rest of the team.

This allows you to leverage that experience at a faster pace than if you would have to try and learn by your own mistakes.


You’re still wondering whether you should hire or go for an agency? It is an option to consider getting in touch with someone else who has already done it before and ask for their experience. Otherwise, you can get in contact with us for an orientation call via our contact page. We’re happy to hear from you.


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