What we do

UX research and design
to boost your growth

Boost your growth with data-driven UX

Design Accelerator is the studio for companies that want to boost their growth with an engaging UX research and design based on data.

We help fast growing companies launch new products or improve their existing conversion and retention.

To do this we adopt a data-first approach. We excel at creating concepts that meet your users' needs as well as your business KPIs.

Concept ideation

You are launching your digital product and you’re starting from scratch. We’ll help you with UX research & design to ideate and launch your product. Our services range from user research up to the creation of a prototype for your development team.

Product optimization for scaling

You are scaling and you want to boost your growth with an engaging and converting product. We’ll help you redesign your product all or in part, making it ready to scale.

Conversion optimization

You want to increase the conversion of your product to boost your growth. We’ll optimize the monetization and/or the engagement of your product by performing qualitative research and quantitative testing with your users.

Our approach to working together



Understand the needs of your business and those of your users to decide what data are needed. This way we focus only on what matters.



We create hypothesis and test quick to get to fast market validation. We're not afraid of throwing ideas away.



At every step the decisions we take are based on data. This way we create successful products with you while reducing the waste.

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